Tabaching or tabachingching or taba taba ching ching or tabatsing.. fat but cute little one. Must read tabachoy.


From tagalog word, taba which means fat, tabachoy means an overweight person. Also called tabatsoy. For a cute little one, “tabaching” or “tabachingching”.

Gipaminaw vs gi paminaw

Gipaminaw means, “gipamati.. sa lawas’, something is wrong with the body, not feeling well. While “Gi paminaw” means, listening, like listening to the conversation or music.


Tamsi is a local name of a certain kind of bird. However folks used to call someone “tamsi” that means “tambok” na “siksi”, (chubby but sexy).

Sapin sapin

Is a delicious dessert made from rice. Soft, chewy, and topped with latik.