Torjack become so popular word in Bisaya which means sexual intercourse. It’s sounds a little less obscene than the original bisaya term for the same.


Is the act of dancing and singing while making a newborn (and small child) to easily fall asleep. In the visayan folksong titled Dandansoy, is actually a name of aRead More


Garantiya simply means guarantee in English. A collateral or a warranty. Another term in bisaya is “kalig-onan” mostly a written document.


Mabdos as in buntis. Buntis is also used in Tagalog but is also commonly used in Bisaya. Mabdos is rarely in frequently used. Slang is buntit. Sounds like lapdos.


Hapdos in bisaya means physical pain like that of a wound or cut / bruise in skin. Also used to describe the kind of feeling of pain or in agony.Read More