Palina, a practice of some religion to make a smoke to signify purification. Like those ritual rites in church through insenso. Another one is going out from a cemetery makingRead More


Postura or most likely used variant in bisaya, Pamostura (verb) comes from the Spanish word “postura” which means posture. In bisaya, this generally means, the way one dressed up. (SeeRead More


Did you know that Kulas is an irreverent nickname for a venerable old school for girls, St. Scholastica’s College? It’s not only your famous friendly neighbor named Kulas!


Onomatopoeic sound of the “cackling” of chicken. In Tagalog it also means loud manner of talking specially for woman. “Putak ka ng putak”.


Tabaching or tabachingching or taba taba ching ching or tabatsing.. fat but cute little one. Must read tabachoy.