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In bisaya, there are two main meaning for “Abot”. First abot -as in bag-ong abot, (also bag-ong naabot). Just came in from somewhere (this is common). Second meaning in bisaya for “Abot” -as in abot sa yuta means ani, gain, harvest or fruit from the land or hard labor. (uncommon)

Lain pud tong “Ambot” sa bisaya, it means I don’t know.

1) Bag-ong abot gikan panan-aw sa Sinulog. (Just come in from watching the Sinulog)

2) Dako ug abot ang kita sa tindahan sa mi-aging buwan kumpara sa karon. (The gain from our sari-sari store is higher last month than this month.)

Bisaya: Abot

Tagalog: Bagong dating, Ani

English: Just come in; Harvest

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