Bugal-bugal means bullying someone. Same as yama-yama.


Bangkarote means being broke;bankrupt; not able to pay debt. You might think that bangkarote is a spanish term? No-it is actually Italian phrase  “banca rotta” which means “broken bench”. YearsRead More


Gi-lampurnas (v) means beat; scrub; wipe to clean something. Also used in expressions like gi-lampurnas sa Lakers ang Spurs, meaning, Spurs score is a lot behind than scores of Lakers.Read More

Wa jamo

Wa jamo or wa yamo (expression) is borrowed term from bohol which means no money, no luck. E.g kumusta ka? ->Wa jamo (How are you? Not yet lucky) Same toRead More


Yama-yama in bisaya means bullying someone. See also: Bugal-bugal