Favorite childhood bisaya game songs

Mga way klaro nga kanta sa unang panahon, haha. Batang 70’s and 80’s, kahibaw ani. Ang uban kay lain2 na nga version depende sa lugar kay sa unang panahon, diliRead More

Bisaya terms for love making

There are Bisaya terms for “love making” that are very vulgar or offensive when said in public. Similar to any other languages, the following are Bisaya love making and orRead More

Famous Bisaya Song Artists and their Songs

These are collection of Bisaya song artists and few samples of their famous songs. These are artist of the 1990’s and earlier in unsorted genre. Wala pa silang Budoy ugRead More

Mga Bisayang Drama sa Radyo sa unang panahon

Mga Bisayang Drama sa Radyo sa unang panahon nga wala pa na uso ang TV ug ang streamin sa internet. (Visayan teledrama in radio stations during the 80’s and 90’sRead More

Bisaya and Fun Foreign Words

Listed below are made up names, places and/or terms sounding with Bisaya terms. It is not intended to offend anyone or anything, just made plainly for fun.   Names BobRead More