Si Pilemon

Si Pelimon

A Cebuano Folk Song

Si Pilemon is a story of a fisherman catching a fish, sell it and earn a little cash just enough to buy a coconut wine.


Si Pilemon, si Pilemon namasol sa kadagatan.
Nakakuha, nakakuha og isdang tambasakan.
Gibaligya, gibaligya sa merkadong guba—
Ang halin pulos kura, ang halin pulos kura,
Igo lang ipanuba.


English version


Felimon, Felimon went to sea to catch some fish
He was able to get, to get only a small mudskipper.
He sold it, sold it at a dilapidated market
For it he got nothing much, nothing much
Just enough to buy tuba.


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