Giving directions (as riding in a Jeepney) in Bisaya

Giving directions (as riding in a Jeepney) in Bisaya

Everyday we go and move around like going to the office, going to school, going to market to buy some food to cook, going to somewhere else.. we need to take a ride. Here in Cebu, if you are a foreigner, drivers don’t care if you speak in english (in fact, they’ll answer you back in English as well 🙂 ) however it is fascinating if you can speak it in local language.


Below are useful terms you converse with the driver when riding a jeepney, bus or taxi.


Let’s go – tana or adto na ta
Move Forward – abante
Move backward – atras
Turn right – liko sa tuo or Demano
Turn left – liko sa wala or Desilya
Stop (here) – lugar lang or para or hunong
Corner – eskina
Straight ahead – diretso lang
Fare – plete or bayad
Drive – larga
Drive faster – pakusgi or paspasi ang dagan
Go slowly – hinay-hinay lang
Turn around – balik or tuyok pabalik
Garage – garahe or graheanan
Behind – gasunod or sa likod
Opposite – atbang
Inside – sa sulod
Go/get inside – sakay
Outside – sa gawas
Go/get outside – manaug
Vicinity/Around/Nearby – duol ra or sa unahan ra

Additional directional guide

Gears and speed

First gear – pilmera
Second gear – segunda
Third gear – tersira
Forth gear – kuwarta
Fifth gear – kinta

Moving to:

North – amihan or norte
South – habagatan
East – sidlakan
West – kasadpan


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More Laglum Words:

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  • Ayuda
  • bugway
  • kilumkilom

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