How to count in Bisaya


This is how you’re going to count in bisaya.

One might already be familiar with how this reads. It sounds Spanish which is true as you know that the Philippines was once colonized by Spaniards for more than three hundred years.


Bisaya Tagalog English
uno isa one
dos dalawa two
tres tatlo three
kwatro apat four
singko lima five
sais anim six
syete pito seven
otso walo eight
nuybe siyam nine
dyes sampu ten
onse labing-isa eleven
dose labing-dalawa twelve
trese labing-tatlo thirteen
katorse labing-apat fourteen
kense labing-lima fifteen
disesyes labing-anim sixteen
disesyete labing-pito seventeen
diseotso labing-walo eighteen
dise nuybe labing-siyam nineteen
biente dalawampo twenty
usa gatos isang daan one hundred
dosyentos dalawang daan two hundred
tresyentos tatlong daan three hundred
kwatrosentos apat na daan four hundred
kinyentos limang daan five hundred
seysentos siyam na daan six hundred
setisyentos pitong daan seven hundred
otsosyentos walong daan eight hundred
nuybesyentos siyam na daan nine hundred
usa ka libo isang libo one thousand

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