Bisaya terms for love making

There are Bisaya terms for “love making” that are very vulgar or offensive when said in public. Similar to any other languages, the following are Bisaya love making and or terms related to the act, to hide the offensiveness of the word “fuck” or “fuck you”. This also evolves through time.

bisaya terms love making

1. Torjak
2. Kuloks
3. Ana! (with point finger tapping twice)
4. Tidort
5. Kiyod
6. Toyi (obviously the reversed word “Iyot”)
7. Lolo
8. Lampurnas (hard core) 🙂
9. Tsubibam
10. Palami

Have included in this post Bisaya terms for reproductive or sex organs for both gender, male and female. Like in English, using these terms in Bisaya has vulgar effect. Additionally, usually, in Bisaya, these words are often used in swearing, offensive lines, so be cautious when talking to locals or Filipino in general as culture wise – they’re sensitive.

– Oten
– Luso
– Lagay

– Bilat
– Boto
– Bangag
– Butring



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