Collection of Bisaya Words that have several meaning

bisaya words multiple meaning

Bisaya dialect is a rich language similar to that of English and the Filipino (the national language in the Philippines). Today, we will have a list of a Bisaya words but have multiple meaning.

Below is a collection of Bisaya or Cebuano words that have multiple meaning. (Usa ka pulong nga daghan ug buot ipasabot).


1. Baga

Baga – ember
Baga – thick
Baga – lungs

2. Kamay

Kamay – sugar
Kamay – come here / wave hands

3. Pito

Pito – seven
Pito – whistle

4. Tubo

Tubo – sugarcane
Tubo – water pipe
Tubo – interest income

5. Piso

Piso – one piso coin of a Philippine currency
Piso – young chicken, chicks

6. Boto

Boto – female organ
Boto – loud sound like a bang!

7. Puso

Puso – water well
Puso – hanging rice, complement to barbeque

8. Paso

Paso – burnt
Paso – cat walk in a stage
Paso – overlapping, extending

9. Tuko

Tuko – a house lizard
Tuko – scaffold

10. Lata

Lata – tin can
Lata – over ripped
Lata – to over cook intentionally

11. Paak

Paak – a biting mechanism of an animal or a plant (like that of alimango)
Paak – to bite

12. Una

Una – go first
Una – sauce of a salted fish

13. Bogo

Bogo – a town in northern cebu
Bogo – slow learner

14. Taho

Taho – to report (news, oral presentations, etc)
Taho – a kind of food

15. Pito-pito

Pito-pito – a young mosquito living in a dirty water
Pito-pito – a kind of herbal plant

16. Ubo

Ubo – cough
Ubo – to lie down stomach first

17. Dungan

Dungan – of same age (kataligngan)
Dungan – let’s do it simultaneously

18. Laway

Laway – saliva
Laway – wants to have that thing (or gadgets) – ibog

19. Dunggan

Dunggan – ears (n)
Dunggan – have heard (v)

20. Patik

Patik – tattoo (read fast)
Patik – printed or imprinted (read slowly)

21. Lala

Lala – short for bisaya “mala” (dangerous, wicked)
Lala – to wave, like a basket or dress
Lala – childish calling for lola (grandmother)

22. Utok

Utok – brain
Utok- a smooth, fast spinning object (like a tops, wheel, etc)

23. Tuyuon

Tuyuon – do intentionally
Tuyuon – a place not easily accessible


Know some more words?

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