How Cebuano call each other

How Cebuano call each other

If you will go to Cebu, you will always hear these words of a Cebuano calling to fellow Cebuano.

1. Bai – this means my friend

2. Bay or Abay (spelling variation to above) – means my friend

3. Amigo/Amigo or just migo/miga (for man/woman) – means my friend 

4. Dodong or Inday (for man/woman) – brother or sister, also used even no relationship to call a younger male or female 

5. Kuya or Ate (for man/woman) – originally a Tagalog but widely adapted in Cebuano, same of Dodong or Inday

6. Pre or Mare short for Kumapare/Kumare (for man/woman) – typically with a family relationship, like a friend who was a sponsor of wedding or baptism of son/daughter.

7. Lo/La  short for Lolo/Lola – call for grandfather and grandmother 

8. Tito / Tita – for uncle and niece

9. Ki or Suki – usual customer in buying goods in market or riding a jeep


More Laglum Words:

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