Shortened Bisaya Words and Phrases

They said Cebuano are far more lazy to speak Bisaya than any other Bisaya speaking towns in visayas and northern mindanao regions. They tend to “shortcut” and remove few syllables in a word. Below are common ones.

shortened bisaya words phrases

Awon nato – tan-awon nato – (let’s see)

Ana – niana /ingon niana (like that)

Ani – ing-anion ni, niani (like this, with matching demonstration)

Ay gyug – ayaw gayud ug (don’t really do it)

Ay ta bi – Gai ta bi or hatagai ta bi (give me) same as Gayko

Bay – balay (house)

Bai – abay (my friend)

Gayko – tagai ko or hatagi ko (give me please)

Kaw – lakaw (go) or below;

Kaw – ikaw (as you wish)

Kabaw – kahibaw / kahibalo (you know); wa ko kabaw ( I don’t know); kaw ray kabaw (you are the one who know)

Migo – amigo (my friend)



There are many other you’ll hear from day to day, from street tweets, to mall / places names. 🙂




More Laglum Words:

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  • Ayuda
  • Saraban
  • kalimutaw

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